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How to do waterproof work for outdoor LED display screens

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In summer, attention should not only be paid to heat dissipation issues, but also to the waterproofing of outdoor LED display screens. In the previous article, Bo Bangcheng shared with everyone how to do a good job in lightning protection and heat dissipation for outdoor LED display screens. This article mainly shares with everyone how to do waterproofing work for LED display screens.

The waterproofing of the display screen is mainly focused on prevention. The selected module should be an outdoor waterproofing module, and the back of the module should be painted with three proofing paint. The selected box should also be a waterproof box with good sealing performance. And the other part needs to be implemented in the specific construction site; Combining prevention and drainage in structural design; After determining the structure, sealing strip materials with hollow bubble tube structure, low compression permanent deformation rate, and high elongation at break can be considered based on the characteristics of the structure.

After selecting the sealing strip material, it is necessary to design appropriate contact surfaces and contact forces based on the characteristics of the sealing strip material, so that the sealing strip is compressed to a dense state. At some installation, waterproof slots, and other locations, key protection measures should be taken to ensure that there is no accumulated water inside the display screen. This can ensure that outdoor LED display screens will not have any quality issues caused by human factors during rainy season use.

Secondly, for different unit board materials, professional waterproof coatings are required. Here, the user's external p10 full color outdoor LED display screen is taken as an example. Firstly, confirm whether the PH10 outdoor unit board is magnetically adsorbed or screwed (the screwing effect is good, but the magnet is slightly poor); Secondly, there are no waterproof slots on the unit board kit. If there are, the front waterproof is basically not a big problem, even if the unit board is fixed with a magnet.

Finally, we also need to pay attention to the waterproof issue of the backboard of outdoor LED display screens, because in the process of using the display screen, the backboard LED display screen not only provides heat dissipation treatment, but also has great convenience in handling waterproof performance. When dealing with the waterproof coating on the back, pay more attention to the waterproof performance of the small strip shaped display screen aluminum plastic board on the back. Use an electric drill to design a row of drainage ports under the aluminum plastic board, which is not only beneficial for the waterproof of the display screen but also for the heat dissipation of the display screen. It is the best way to handle the display screen.