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Advanced technical strength: In August 2012, Huameite successfully cooperated with the national "211 Project Key Construction Unit", "985 Project Construction Unit" and "Control

Shandong University School of Control Science and Engineering, the national key discipline construction unit of system theory and control engineering, reached a cooperation agreement and established the "Intelligent

High-definition image processing system scientific research and industrial base "to jointly carry out special project development. In pattern recognition, image processing, video display drive

In the fields of automation and control, we should jointly carry out technological innovation and lead the development of the industry with industrialization as the guide and technology as the support. The company insists

Every year, 2%-4% of the turnover is invested in research and development, and technicians account for more than 35% of the total number of employees

The R&D team composed of top technicians has a clear project responsibility management mechanism, and also actively cooperates with external strong research and development forces

Extensive technical exchanges and cooperation. The core product has complete independent intellectual property rights and has obtained "low frame rate transmission or motion image flicker elimination

System "and other patented technologies.

The system certification is safe and reliable: the company adopts the international modern management mode, introduces the ISO9001:2008 quality management system, and passes

CCC, CE, IEC, ROHS and other certifications have been obtained. The product has passed high voltage resistance test, ground resistance test, high and low temperature aging test and destructive test

Try to strictly test to keep our defect rate below 0.1%, ensure the reliability and durability of products and ensure the stability of product quality.

Perfect supply chain: advanced fully automated production line and the most complete production base. We have the ability to start from "product R&D - solution design -

The one-stop service system of "product production - project construction - lifelong maintenance" is completed by the company's professionals. Five subordinate companies of the company

The metal structure factory ensures the real-time customization service of supporting projects.