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The Development Trend of LED Display Screen

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1、 Developing towards energy-saving trends

Energy conservation and environmental protection have always been a new proposition in future life; LED display screens themselves are very energy-efficient, with the following characteristics: high light efficiency, long service life, easy control, and maintenance free; It is a new generation of solid-state cold light source, with soft, bright, colorful, low loss, low energy consumption, and is a green and environmentally friendly product. But when made into an LED display screen, the power consumption is not small. LED screens are all large screens that require many points to form. Reducing the power consumption of LED display screens and achieving true energy conservation is definitely the most important development trend of LED display screens.

2、 Developing towards the trend of thinness

At present, almost every company in the industry is boasting about its lightweight box characteristics. Indeed, lightweight boxes are an inevitable trend to replace iron boxes. In the past, the weight of iron boxes was not low, and combined with the weight of steel structures, the overall weight was very heavy. In this way, many floor buildings are unable to withstand such heavy attachments, and the load-bearing balance of the building, the pressure of the foundation, etc. are not easy to accept, and it is not easy to dismantle and transport, greatly increasing costs. Therefore, the lightweight box is a trend that all manufacturers have to update.

3、 Developing towards rapid and precise splicing trend

This is mainly for LED rental display screens. The characteristic of leasing is frequent disassembly and assembly to meet temporary needs, so the display screen boxes must be able to be quickly and accurately assembled. Bobang City LED rental screen is ultra light and thin. Lightweight design is the biggest demand for LED rental screens, and LED displays require frequent disassembly and transportation due to their unique application location. The lighter and thinner the LED rental screen, the more convenient it is for transportation and can also save more costs. So rapid and accurate installation is also bound to be the development trend of LED displays.

4、 Developing towards a smaller spacing trend

Small spacing has always been one of the popular products. Currently, indoor small spacing has exceeded a few tenths, and outdoor small spacing has also exceeded P2 or below. With the development of technology, the spacing will become smaller and smaller.