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Opening a New Era of the

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Opening a New Era of the "XR-5D" Metaverse! HMT and NPC PARTY Have Reached a Deeply Strategic Cooperation!



Highmight (HMT) and NPC PARTY are working together to create a top-level visual space and leading the way to a totally new high level of entertainment visual display.




NPC PARTY Chairman Wang Jing and HMT Chairman Jia Yueliang attended the ceremony to sign the cooperation contract on September 9th.



People who attended the signing ceremony includes NPC PARTY COO Wen Tian (1st on the left), NPC PARTY Chairman Wang Jing (2nd on the left), and Highmight (HMT) Chairman Jia Yue Liang (3rd on the left), Zhang Yao (4th on the left) from the Southwest Office of Hightmight(HMT).


1、Highmight "XR-5D" & Holographic Invisible LED Screen Black-tech Will Help NPC PARTY to Create Immersive Scenes and Promote a New Era of Metaverse.


Since its establishment in 2010, HMT has been committed to integrate LED display one-stop service solutions of designing, producing, selling and serving.HMT has continuously held the first place of the market share in the LED entertainment display field,committed to the development of high-end entertainment customized products, accelerated the expansion of new scenarios and applications, and promoted the acceleration of the implementation of entertainment metaverse applications. This time, HMT will collaborate with NPC to create a top-level PARTY visual space, representing the beginning of a new era entertainment display for the "XR-5D" metaverse.

HMT has undertaken over 10000 LED display projects worldwide,led the field of LED large screen display engineering,established a good reputation in the industry, especially deeply rooted in entertainment field such as bars,partys and KTVs, with its industry-leading "XR-5D" display screen solutions.

This solution integrates high-definition LED display screens, camera tracking systems and powerful graphics processing engines, deeply integrates technology applications such as motion capture, VR and 5G, allows real objects such as characters to immerse themselves in the virtual world without the need of green background or post production. Applied to entertainment scenes such as music venues and party KTVs, it will greatly enhance the visual and immersive experience.

Highmight (HMT)and NPC PARTY are leading the new entertainment display market by complementing each other's strengths.


2、NPC PARTY Audiovisual Magic Box Creates a New Entertainment Landmark in Chengdu


NPC PARTY is located in the core commercial area of Taikoo Li in Chengdu, surrounded by numerous entertainment venues such as bars, LIVE HOUSE and nightclubs. As a national entertainment district, NPC PARTY is a representative of the place. Here, they mainly host top luxury business banquets, themed parties for important moments,entertainment and social activities in the spire circle. Especially in themed parties and circle brand banquets, the immersion and shock of the scene are crucial, and the requirements of hardware equipment are extremely strict.

This time, after multiple rounds of selection nationwide, the "XR-5D" LED display screen solution provided by HMT has been selected. HMT pays great attention to this project, relying on years of experience in creative LED display design and in providing customized entertainment displays more than 1000 square meters. With 3840Hz high refresh, high quality, nano coating, high protection and wonderful performance, it presents a stunning "XR-5D" visual special effect that immerses people, just like Zhang Yimou's "Beijing 8 Minutes" of the Athens Olympics, making people feel as wonderful as dreaming.

In addition, there are also immersive 8K ultra high resolution panoramic high-definition LED display screens, holographic invisible screens, creative spherical screens, creative transparent screens, interactive dance floor screens and other series of product display combinations. By utilizing HMT's core heteromorphic display and control technology,it interprets the top-level visual shock effect of entertainment displays.


3、 Join Hands to Promote the Development of Entertainment Display

At present, NPC PARTY is still renovating new stores in Shijiazhuang and Changzhou, and will gradually layout in Chongqing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Wuhan, Xi'an and other places within next two years. This collaboration with NPC PARTY is not only a high-level audio-visual landmark creation, but also the beginning of replicating the legend nationwide. NPC PARTY will continue upgrading and updating hardware facilities, empowering more advanced black technology and introducing themed fashion shows,which will create a sense of immersion, sophistication, self satisfaction,scarcity and spark a audio-visual revolution in entertainment spaces across the country.



This strategic cooperation will not only strengthen the competitiveness of both parties in their respective fields, but also promote the development of the entire industry. Both parties will jointly explore new market opportunities and strive to bring consumers with more innovative and higher quality entertainment experience. We believe that the cooperation between HMT and NPC PARTY will bring a new entertainment display era to all consumers.


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