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transparent screen HMT-HT series

Model: HMT-HT3-7/HMT-HT5-10/HMT-HT10-10/HMT-HT15-15
Box size: (W) 1000mm x (H) 500mm x (D) 80mm

Technical Specifications

Product features:

1. Unique sealing and glue filling technology: sealing and glue filling technology, which protects the lamp beads and has waterproof effect, and the waterproof grade is up to IP65 protection grade;

2. Support front and rear maintenance, reduce maintenance costs: the playback screen presents a floating style, which will not affect the view of the building's lighting

3. Convenient installation mode, convenient and fast: the box is designed with quick-lock structure, which is convenient and fast for installation;

4. Hollow-out design: reduce the weight of the screen body and automatically dissipate heat while ensuring the permeability.