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film screen HMT-TM series

Model: HMT-TM4-8
Product size: (W) 1000mm x (H) 320mm x (D) 3mm

Technical Specifications

Product features:

1. Light and thin: the screen is light in weight and bears little pressure on the glass curtain wall, with a thickness of only 3mm and a weight of 6kg/㎡;

2. High light transmittance: high transmittance, without affecting the view of the curtain wall, and good light transmittance at any angle;

3. Safe and beautiful: there are no system accessories on the screen, and the power supply is external, safe and reliable;

4. Easy to install: it is easy to install and can be directly attached to the glass surface;

5. Wide viewing angle: horizontal and vertical viewing angle 150 °, wide viewing range, no dead angle, no color deviation;

6. Easy to dissipate heat: no heat treatment is required, and the product runs more stably.