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rental screen HMT-H series

Model: HMT-H2.6/HMT-H2.9/HMT-H3.9/HMT-H4.8 Product size: (W) 500mm x (H) 500mm x (D) 90mm/(W) 500mm x (H) 1000mm x (D) 90mm

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Product features:

1. Perfect enjoyment of high-definition display: 16Bits high gray scale, 1920 or higher high refresh, no flicker in live switching;

2. Fast, simple and convenient: multi-functional links are more stable, convenient and safe;

3. Support arc splicing: can customize arc lock, support multi-angle installation, seamless splicing between splicing boxes;

4. Convenient mix and match: the H500/H1000 box module is universal, and the playback screen is diversified;