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LED interactive floor tile HMT-HFR series

Product size:(W)500mm x (H)500mm x (D)76mm /(W)500mm x (H)1000mm x (D)76mm

Technical Specifications

Product features:

1. High bearing capacity: the surface acrylic plate is made of high-strength wear-resistant anti-skid material, with a maximum bearing capacity of 1.5T, strong bearing capacity, strong and light, and can be trampled at will;

2. Anti-skid and anti-seismic foot pad: increase the anti-skid and anti-seismic effect while ensuring the flatness of the screen itself;

3. Exquisite appearance and standardized box: excellent production technology and high reliability greatly improve the installation speed and display stability of the screen, making maintenance more convenient and safe;

4. Seamless splicing: the flatness seam of the whole screen is less than 0.3mm, realizing seamless splicing. Different boxes can be combined arbitrarily.